SOL 31: reflection

The house is quiet. I can hear little man in his crib beginning to babble himself awake. But he’s settling in to catch a few more zzz before it’s officially time to rise. I love this of the day. The rhythmic breathing of my husband beside me almost lulls me back to sleep. Then I remember.

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SOL 27: anxiety


It’s no joke. It can squeeze the life right out of you. It’s an invisible battle that no one knows you are fighting unless you clue them in. Longtime sufferers may be able to disguise it with chatter of busyness and being tired from said busyness. They may even plaster a smile on their face and toss a little more on their already overfilled plate to throw off the scent.

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SOL 21: spring break eve

It’s the end of the day. One child is in bed and the other is stalling with requests for the bathroom, her song, and just one more hug. I am emotionally exhausted. This last push before spring break has taken its toll on me. My house looks like a tornado went through it. G-man has discovered the joys of the Tupperware drawer and McK has every doll she’s ever played with on the floor.

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