SOL 24: laundry

G wet through his overnight diaper. Again. I strip the bed and gather all the laundry from his room. I walk to McK’s room and grab hers along with all visible yellows. Those things need to be cleaned. It all gets tossed into our giant front loader washing machine. It’s 9:30 AM.

I hear the musical notification to let me know that the load has finished and toss it into the dryer. A takes the kids on a walk to the park and I run to the grocery store for my weekly shop. When I open the door from the garage, I can see that A has started the laundry from our hamper. The kids’ laundry remains in the dryer. It’s noon.

I pull a clean yellow from the dryer for McK and the kids go down for a nap. A and I snack on some cheese and crackers and we each work on finishing up a few small tasks. I settle in to watch a show before we leave for dinner with Great Grandpa. The laundry continues to sit. It’s 4:00.

We get back from dinner and the nightly bustle begins. The kids run around with their second winds. We try to organize for the week and so I make the laundry switch. G is off to bed and McK starts her bedtime routine. The kids clothes go into their laundry hamper and our first load finally makes its way to the dryer. I toss the rest of our laundry into the washer and leave everything to sit in the laundry room. It’s 8 PM.

I finally sit down to start the big fold. I drag the fox embroidered hamper to the living room and fold all their tiny clothes. I shout to Aaron to grab our clothes from the dryer and make the last switch of the night. He announces that I never actually started the washing machine an hour ago. Of course I didn’t. I fold everything I can and wait for the never ending cycle to end. It’s 9:45.

I am writing for the 2019 March Slice of Life Challenge



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