SOL 26: checking it off the list

She insisted on looking at her list before bed last night. We had already planned on going to the children’s museum but she just wanted to make sure.

Yes. The moose-um would be fun.

Having never been to a museum (at least in her memory) she asked a million questions.

Was there a bathroom?

Would there be snacks?

What would there be to do?

I answered each question several times. I showed pictures. We talked about Regular Grandpa coming with–he was our sponsor after all.

Upon waking, she was ready to go. She picked out a dress and some leggings–her new go-to ensemble. We packed our own snacks and patiently waited for grandpa to walk through the door. We arrived at the museum just 45 minutes after opening but we still couldn’t find a parking spot. We walked skipped from a nearby school parking lot to find ourselves engulfed in a spring break crowd of toddlers through preteens we were not quite expecting.

She and her younger brother were in heaven from the start.

They ran from exhibit to exhibit playing with everything they could get their hands on. She wanted to build and he wanted to spend his time cleaning the museum. Seriously, he kept putting everything away. We discovered 3 or 4 new kinds of building materials.

I want this for my birthday. I’m almost four, you know.

And so I added each one was added to her ever growing Amazon Wish List so I wouldn’t forget when aunts, uncles and grandpas asked me what she may want in a few weeks’ time.

Bubbles and the water play area were universally loved. G screamed when we had to pick him up to use the bathroom. Actually, he did that every time we left an exhibit. We spent a good three hours wandering and trying each button, knob, and lever. It was time for lunch and late naps.

G fell asleep minutes into our ride to the restaurant. McK has chosen the train restaurant and Regular Grandpa obliged…anything for his sweet McK. Check that off her list as well. Of course, it was crowded but trains and people watching kept everyone busy.

We arrive home an hour late for McK’s nap and a good 2+ hours late for G’s. So naturally, each one protested from being way overtired. We had solid 25 minutes of naps before needing to get everyone up–sleeping too late would royally mess up bedtime. A snuggle in mommy’s bed to watch a movie and a walk with daddy topped off an already jam-packed day.

Before bed tonight, she was on her very best behavior. She cleaned up all the toys and neatened the shoes on their mats. She casually asked if we could make brownies tomorrow and when we might be going to the zoo. She crossed six things off her list already. She has big plans for the rest of break and most will probably be fulfilled. Lucky duck.

I am writing for the 2019 March Slice of Life Challenge



  1. Great pics! That kid’s museum is so so fun! We haven’t been there in ages but the whole art immersion thing they had going on upstairs was super cool. Awwww, I love that regular gramps. He’s the man! Awesome slice!


  2. I absolutely LOVE the idea of a list! So cute and so many fun activities. My little one isn’t quite old enough to discuss a list with her this year, but I will steal this for the future. Crazy enough- we were just at the Dupage Children’s Museum on Monday and had a blast! It was her first time and we will definitely be heading back soon! Enjoy what’s left of break! 🙂


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