Day 14: yellow



I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge.


McK has this little rag she likes to carry with her.

It is yellow. adjective

It is Yellow.  proper noun

Back when I was a new mom getting ready to send my little baby to daycare, I thought I had to provide EVERYTHING including burp cloths.  I will get washcloths all the same color for her burp cloths.  Then, when they end up in the wash, I know they need to go back to daycare.  Look at me trying to be all organized.

Except I didn’t need to provide burp cloths.  So a stack of twenty-some-odd yellow washcloths made their way into our regular burp cloth stash.  McK started nabbing them off my shoulder post burping session.  Then, she started chewing on them.  Soon enough, she couldn’t be anywhere without one.  Yellow was born.  As you can see, I was not very creative in naming her little lovey.  But it seems to have stuck.

This kid loves Yellow. There’s Car Yellow not to be confused with School Yellow or Crib Yellow.  Yellow has mopped up gallons of tears and buckets of snot.  We have no less than 30 Yellows and they are all equally faded from frequent washing.  McK hoards them.  Sometime I find 3 or 4 of them stashed in her crib under various animals and her pillow.  She steals them out of the laundry and the Yellow basket.  This is where Yellow(s) live(s).  We have left Yellow all across the greater Chicagoland area.  We even left Yellow at the zoo once.  Every grandparent, aunt, and uncle probably has a Yellow at their house should one be necessary.  I found one in my lunch box last week.

We take Yellow very seriously.  Yellow has made its way into an obnoxious amount of pictures including professional photos.  The doctor asked McK how Yellow as doing last week when we visited.  People comment on Yellow and McK proudly announces its name while holding it a little closer in case you get any slick ideas about stealing it.  We had a Yellow themed first birthday party last year.  Her new closet doors have been painted yellow and she is super excited about it.

Yellow is McK’s white flag as she is surrendering to sleep.  It is her comfort lovey when she is sad.  It is her makeshift tissue when she sneezes in her carseat and I cannot get to her nose.  Yellow is her invisibility cloak when she wants to hide from strangers.  Yellow is the blanket she covers her dollies with.  Yellow isn’t going anywhere it seems.

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