SOL 28: sunshine

It’s been a dreary many months. It’s been cold and wet and cloudy. I, for one, have been in need of some sunshine.

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SOL 26: checking it off the list

She insisted on looking at her list before bed last night. We had already planned on going to the children’s museum but she just wanted to make sure.

Yes. The moose-um would be fun.

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Day 4: SO FUN.



I’m writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Challenge


It’s been a long day to day the least. Being awoken way too early by a not feeling well husband only to find I was the one who couldn’t fall back to sleep is not the best start. I quietly waited for McK to stir but she decided today was the day she would sleep in. We missed her weekly tumbling class but her BFF wasn’t able to go anyway. Phew. No need to feel guilty.

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