Day 15: gobbles


I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge

If kisses were gobbles, I’d gobble you up.

Our nightly ritual.  She chooses her favorite PJs.  They are usually Mickey themed.  Then we turn on the oil diffuser and prep it with some lavender to ensure a good night’s sleep.  We snuggle a little and then it is time.

I’d gobble your nose and your cute stinky toes. 

The nightly story is recited by heart.  We have updated some of the words to fit our own silly needs.  The toes weren’t always stinky.  Or were they?

I’d gobble you here.  I’d gobble you there.  

She starts giggling before I can take my first nibble.  She folds her belly to her knees to prevent the tickle she knows is coming.  She pulls her shoulder to her neck as I go in for a smoochie.  And then relief as she stretches out in my arms.

I’d gobble you up everywhere.  

She begs for another recitation and I happily oblige.  It has become our signal that it is time to settle in for the night.  It is one of our favorite parts of the day.  I love this child.




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