SOL 29: dangerous

I watch a lot of Grey’s Anatomy. Naturally I’ll be the first person you’ll call when you need your appendix removed. I also love a good true crime show like SVU. I’m happy to handle all your legal needs. I can open a jar of Ragu and toss it over a package of Barilla. That’s totally the same as RPM Italian…right? Want to pay me instead?

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SOL 25: Bucket List

Spring Break officially began today…as in today was the first day we were able to turn off the alarm. We have been talking about what we wanted to do over our week long vacation from school when McK decided that we needed to come up with a plan. So here it is…an almost 4 year old’s spring break bucket list.

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I like to listen to podcasts when I am in the car.  I have turned into an old lady and most music just sounds like noise to me..  What happened to the music of the good ole days?  On our way to school, we frequently listen to a couple of different news podcasts or story podcasts for little kids.

In my current position, I run from building-to-building teaching classes and putting out fires.  In the evening, I drive to the city to learn all the new and exciting research in the areas of Assistive Technology and Multiple Disabilities.  I manage to put dinner on the table every evening and I get the grocery shopping done every week.  I don’t get much time to myself unless you count taking a shower…and even then a toddler sometimes manages to climb in.  Lord knows I don’t get to go to the bathroom alone.


So how does a working mom wind down at the end of the day?  On my way home from classes, I am in the car all by myself.  I listen to My Favorite Murder podcast, of course.

I mean, there’s nothing more relaxing than murder, right?  I know that many people may find this weird.  But I am strangely fascinated by this topic.  The more I mention this podcast, the more that I find I am not the only one.  There is a cult following of this kind of sh!t.  Who knows why.  Certainly not me.  And this particular podcast is hysterical.  I know that murder and comedy don’t frequently go together but trust on on this.  It just works.  I am about 25 episodes in.  At least in the beginning, it is easy to hear that  Karen and Georgia are just two friends talking about a common interest they aren’t exactly professionals yet.  They are still learning the lay of the land which is why it is that much more funny!

So this evening while the rest of you are binge watching something on Netflix, I will be cruising down the Stevenson exhausted by yet another 5:00 am to 10:00 pm day just listening to a couple of ladies talk about serial killers. NBD.

Remember. Stay sexy and don’t get murdered

I am writing for the 2019 March Slice of Life Challenge

The Summer Frazzle

The last day of school is always bittersweet. Every teacher has those kids they would take home if they could. This year I was lucky enough to have a couple. I also had some very challenging students as those in my line of work often do….the bitter with the sweet.

But alas…no worries. No time to weep…I’m working summer school. That’s where the real…er…fun happens. As a co-op, we take in kids from our feeder districts. Our program can actually GROW from our academic year numbers. I think that’s where we are now; even though I know only half of my homeroom is enrolled to attend. In my ESY class (that’s teacher speak for extended school year), I’ll have a couple¬†students from my own class, some from others, and a few¬†I’ll be meeting for the very first time on Monday the 16th. I’ll have four short weeks–half days only–to help students maintain the skills they acquired during the school year. It can be more grueling than the regular full days.

Summer school is the time I like to experiment with new ideas to see if they will work for the following year. I’ve already rearranged my classroom. I’m thinking about instituting a few new organizational policies and techniques. Of course I’ve been scouring Pinterest for my FAVORITE ideas including puzzle storage, chair back storage, and bulletin boards. Those types of things get me really excited!! I cannot help myself sometimes. After summer school is over, I’ll start a million little projects to bring to my classroom come August. I’ll be pinning all sorts of ideas and following through on about 10%.

So if you see me and I look rather frazzled, please don’t ask if I’m enjoying my summer vacation…I’ll be too busy working my butt off!!