Eight Years Gone: tragedy into joy

Eight years ago, we woke up to the sound of laundry detergent bottles floating into walls in the basement. We called in sick to work and waited for direction from emergency personnel that would come too many hours too late.

River and rain water just inches below the windows that are 4+ feet off the ground and 2feet above the floor. That’s an entire 8 foot basement plus 2+ feet of water in our home. you can see the front porch floating away from the house. You cannot see my car in the carport or even the garage door behind which is Aaron’s car. All of it gone in the blink of an eye.
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SOL21 Days 20 and 21: catch up

I was wiped out yesterday. Hence the double slice today with not a single slice yesterday. It turned out that my kidney stone situation was a bit more complicated that we originally thought. I had to have a semi-emergency surgery Friday night to preserve my kidney functioning. Although they were both functioning at the time, they were fearful by the size and location of the kidney stones as well as the inflammation and elevated white blood cell count, things could go from stable to dire in the blink of an eye.

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SOL21 Day 13: the day the world stopped

We had started to hear early rumblings about the Corona virus in early March. Around the 5th or so, my director asked me what did she think we should do from a technology standpoint if we needed to very quickly move students to remote. I had never even considered this. We started brainstorming some ideas. On March 7th, I saw a bunch of my girlfriends for dinner. We didn’t even mentions Covid. On March 12th, I saw several of them again when I attended a pretty large in person conference at a convention center. 😳 The thought of that now is terrifying. My boss asked me if I could come back to the office early. We were making the announcement that we needed to move to remote. It was all hands on deck.

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