2023 SOL: 22 a guide to grief

I’m waiting. We are all waiting. There’s nothing else to do but wait. They will be there, of course. But all of them? I hope so. Maybe I don’t. I don’t know. It’s hard. I know this. We all know this. There is no easy answer. Sometimes it’s better to not be there. Sometimes you can’t be anywhere else. It’s personal in that way.

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2023 SOL: 15 little surprises

We slept in a little. A bit of a strep throat hangover for Theo caused him to be a beast at daycare drop off. Three days on the antibiotic and he is finally on the upswing even if his meltdown says otherwise. They never seen him like that. They were completely shocked. “This is the real Theo,” I say while they stare in wide-eyed horror. He was screaming and kicking as if I was kidnapping him. I peace out as soon as I can peel him off me.

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2023 SOL: 13 three years later

Three years ago someone had the idea to put on their calendar to ask their kids what they remember about the Covid pandemic. Remember when we thought it was just going to be two weeks? Or a year into it and it was still so scary? We were so naive. Since we have a little distance from the height of it, I thought I would ask. I wasn’t expecting much from George. He was just two at the time it all started.

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