SOL 22: springing in

Early spring day always brighten my mood. I Like to open the windows and let the fresh air in. I leave the window open at night. The cool breeze helps me sleep like a baby. Then the early morning sun shining through the break in the curtains helps me to wake up with a smile. How can you not be happy on mornings like that?

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SOL 22: cut or keep

I’ve written several posts over the years about my daughter’s envious hair. This one contains a myriad of her favorite styles. And here I wrote about the donation that made me cry. She only gets it cut a couple times a year. Always by my sister at her home salon or beauty salon when she was working in one. Once when Covid first began, we missed a appointment and my sister cut it in our kitchen.

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SOL 22: my apologies to all the parents

I have been in education for 23 years. In that time, whenever I was a classroom teacher, we always did a science unit in March about machines: levers, pulleys, ramps, and the like. This way the students could put that new knowledge to good use. I assigned an optional project creating leprechaun traps. I assigned it a good 2+ weeks in advance. In writing, they would develop explanative paragraphs detailing how the trap worked. In literacy we read stories of Irish folklore and leprechauns. The kids had a blast with it. Reminders were sent the week before the traps were due. Then the kids brought them in on March 16 so we could set them up before we left. We always left directions for the night custodian about how to man the traps. The kids were so excited.

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