2023 SOL: 26 rainbows after the storm

Hard things are coming. It’s been looming all week. Today was prep day. Are the clothes clean? Does anything need to be pressed? Do the shoes fit? Can we even find the dress shoes?

The kids are bathed and ready to go. Alarms are set for the early morning so we can get ourselves ready for the sad day ahead. We have a game plan to deal of the ups and downs of the day. There are always ups and downs.

It’s exhausting. 

We shared our usual Sunday dinner with Great Grandpa making a busy day a bit busier. But we wouldn’t dare cancel. We all look forward to it throughout week. Great Grandpa is always especially thrilled to see the kids. So we go a little early so we can hopefully move up bedtime just a little.

As we are pulling into the restaurant, we can see the dark rain clouds hovering above. The storm is coming. It matches the sadness that’s been creeping in since we heard the news. Dinner is pleasant and uneventful…just what you hope for with three kids in tow.

We pack back into the car with the rain still drizzling down. On the horizon, the sun is starting to show through the clouds. Then we see the rainbow peeking through. It’s a double rainbow. And as the sky starts to lighten, the rainbow intensifies where it meets the horizon. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. It’s a sign. We may be sad right now. But good things are still possible.

I am writing for the 16th annual Slice of Life challenge presented by Two Writing Teachers.


  1. Rainbows are a sign of Gods promise, light after darkness and that better things are coming after the storm. Somewhere over the rainbow, my favorite ukulele version will be my request tomorrow on our return home. Thank you for a bright spot.

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