2023 SOL: 18 a seven year old’s reflections on pregnancy

McKenna told me funny little tale. I sure do hope that her teacher actually found it giggle worthy and was not covering for some hurt feelings. I think it is also a pretty good reflection of her memories of me while pregnant with my youngest.

Mrs. J: McKenna. Come here. You’re not in trouble. 

McK: Yes.

Mrs J: I heard you were talking to Mrs. G yesterday (old kindergarten teacher).

McK: Only for a minute by the water fountain.

Mrs. J: She said you told her a story about me.

McK: She did.

Mrs. J: And what did you say?

McK: I told her her were saying I’m losing my patience today.

Mrs. J: And…

McK: Oh. I said don’t worry. It’s just because she’s pregnant.

Mrs. J: 🤭

So…yea. I think McKenna only has memories of me being super frustrated all time while pregnant. 🙈 McKenna said Mrs. J laughed about it and since Mrs. G thought it was funny enough to share, hopefully no one was offended. In hindsight, I was pretty crabby all through that last pregnancy!

I am writing for the 16th annual Slice of Life challenge presented by Two Writing Teachers.


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