2023 SOL: 25 Fox’s

My dad called this morning just to say hi. It was nice to talk and just get caught up for a minute. So much has been going on that it was a little sliver of normalcy is an otherwise emotionally draining week.

Our day went on with normal weekend stuff. I picked up the groceries and got everything put away. The baby napped and I rested a little. When he called for me earlier than he should have, I took him to my bed to snuggle and tune out watch Blippi.

A text came in at 4:30. M is spending the night. Would McK like to stay, too? Let me figure out the logistics of it all. We were going to take them for pizza. Want to join us with the rest of the family? Fox’s?

I wrangled up the kids for a trip out to dad’s neck of the woods. Aaron was working upstairs but even he dropped everything for Fox’s pizza. It was nice. We had pizza and conversation. The kids were super well-behaved. A magician stopped by the tabled and wowed the kids with tricks galore. George was a little bummed that he wasn’t getting a sleepover tonight but we are working on setting one up for him. We stopped for milkshakes on the way home as a consolation prize. He forgot his sorrows as soon as that strawberry shake was in his little hands.

A regular Saturday turned magical with just a text.

amazed by the magician
my boys smothering mommy with kisses ❤️
I am writing for the 16th annual Slice of Life challenge presented by Two Writing Teachers.


  1. That sounds really fun! I liked how you framed your story through the little moments of unexpected conversation in an ordinary day – a chat with your dad in the morning, a texted invitation in the afternoon. That’s what slice of life writing is all about. Finding the little nuggets (of beauty or joy or peace or profundity or humor) within our very ordinary daily lives.

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