SOL Day 13: orange

McKenna had her yellow (you can read about it here). It followed follows her wherever she went goes. When we began talking about the baby growing in Mama’s belly, she had mixed emotions at best.

She had a lot of fears: Would the baby sleep in her room? Would the baby call me Mama, too? Would the baby want Yellow?

And there it was. She was afraid that George was going to take Yellow. We made a decision that the baby would not have yellows. McKenna chose George’s color. Apparently she chose wisely. George loves his orange. He already snuggles it in and holds it close. Just as we are the owners of a dozen or so Yellows, we also have more than a few dozen Oranges.

No doubt, like his sister, he will be going to college with them.

I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge



  1. Your adorable children look very attached to Yellow and Orange. My son has an orange thing that he inexplicably named Gar, and his blue blanket that is named Blue Blankie. He is 7 and still loves them both dearly, and has told me that I can “never put them in the closet.” I believe he plans to keep them for always.


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