Day 13: echos of me


I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge.

During our unsuccessful nap time yesterday, I noticed something that I had been suspecting for a while.  McK is a sponge.  She is sucking up every little thing I do and spitting it back out at me.

I caught her setting up all her stuffed animals and giving them each a talking to.

No.  No.  No.  Bad boy.  Sit.  Stop.   This was said to her beloved kitten but sounded eerily how I admonish the dog.

Are you Ok?  Need medicine? Asked of Baby Aubrey.  I saw my own child feel her doll’s head and then check her ears and offer her pretend Motrin.

Oh man!  Did you fall down?  Asked of her stuffed sheep after she tossed him over the side of the crib.

Give me smoochies!  Was demanded of her pink rabbit before forcing too many kisses.

I tickle you.  Tickle.  Tickle.  Tickle.  Said to her bitty caterpillar before falling into a fit of laughter herself.

And my personal favorite…kisses gobbles…gobble you up…announced to her teddy bear as she pretended to gnaw off his leg.

It is both adorable and slightly horrifying to realize you have a recorder in your house playing back your best…and worst…moments.  I will be watching my language and hoping that nothing more embarrassing slips out.




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