Day 4: SO FUN.



I’m writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Challenge


It’s been a long day to day the least. Being awoken way too early by a not feeling well husband only to find I was the one who couldn’t fall back to sleep is not the best start. I quietly waited for McK to stir but she decided today was the day she would sleep in. We missed her weekly tumbling class but her BFF wasn’t able to go anyway. Phew. No need to feel guilty.

I felt behind before I even got going.  Driving from Orland to Woodridge to Wheaton to Jefferson Park to Downers Grove back to Wheaton all with a toddler in tow will do that to you.

After dropping off Aunt Eve, we made our way to the last leg of of journey.  McK named all her favorite people she got to see today.

Eve.  Dada.  Mama.  Mike.  Papa.  Grandpa.  Grandma [QUESTION MARK]?

No, honey.  I’m sorry.  We did not see get to see Grandma today.

Grandma [PERIOD].

It was no longer a question.  She was demanding to finish her day with Grandma.  So we made the LONG trek to Grandma and Grandpa’s house only to discover I really should have phoned first. We let ourselves in and plopped onto the couch to watch one Mickey Roadsters episode before calling it a loss. Luckily, Grandma made her way home to see McK awaiting her arrive.  She was perched on Grandma’s lap from the time she got there until we gathered out things to leave.

As I mentally prepared for the long drive home, I said to McK, “Did you have fun”.  She simply said, “So fun.  Thanks,” then drifted off to sleep.  That makes it all worth it right there.  I hope I remember that next time.


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