SOL 2020 7: spike-osaurus

I’ve spent the last 2+ days chugging water and trying to pee. One of those days was in the ER. Peeing was hard. It hurt. I could barely squeeze out a few drops even though I’ve been drinking 100+ ounces of water each day. My bladder is so full but I cannot get any relief. I’ve been miserable.

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SOL 2020 4: bedtime routine

McKenna used to be great about going to bed. She thought the floor of her room was hot lava. She WOULD NOT leave her bed but would call for us instead. This ended at least a year ago now.

It’s been torture ever since. PJ time is a 30 minute ordeal that I try to start BEFORE dinner now. The other day after friends left, Aaron had to hold her while I peeled her Elsa costume from her wiggly body.

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Banana Bread Baker

She’s been patiently waiting for the bananas to over-ripen so we can make banana bread like on Butterbean’s Cafe. This is her new obsession. She could watch that show all day long. Thanks Regular Grandpa. It has encouraged to to be a little more adventurous with her eating and for that I am grateful.

She tiptoed out of her bedroom and found me lazily curled up in my own bed. She climbed in and cuddled for for a minute before whispering in my ear.

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