SOL 22: see you later, alligator

Today was the day I had been dreading. The weather captured the mood perfectly. Rainy. Cold. Windy. Random hail. Peek-a-boo sun. It was as confused as we all were.

I attended the funeral services of someone taken much too soon. My eyes have been welling up off and on since I learned the unexpected news. But today was more on than off. From the moment I exited the car and wrapped my arms around someone else who loved him as fiercely as I did, the tears flowed. I ran out of tissue shortly after the service began.

Why? Why are those who shine the brightest taken away before they can spread their light? Why are we left to mourn in the darkness they leave behind? People say that God always has a reason. I would love to believe that. But I can’t. There is no reason for this loss of ours. No reason that could make sense to me anyway. I will never understand. Ever. You should be here.

We were not ready for you to leave. You had so many smiles left to share and giggles left to spread. You were meant to do big things…even bigger than you already had. It was too soon.

The hole you have left in our lives and hearts will never be able to be filled. We will always wonder what you could have been. We were not done with you. We had plans. You had plans. And now it is all gone.

How do we say goodbye to someone who is still supposed to be here? I don’t think you can. So we won’t.

See you later, alligator.

I am writing for the 15th annual Slice of Life challenge presented by Two Writing Teachers.


  1. I’m so terribly sorry for your loss. It seems like the ones who pass on early are the ones we all feel are the most meant to stick around the longest. I recently lost someone who I truly feel should be here today, so I can unfortunately relate to how you’re feeling. Sending you comfort and love.

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  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. I can feel your tears through this piece. I lost someone 2 years ago, and the way you describe your feelings from the weather that matches to the hugs to your see you later alligator… it all resonates. Holding you in the light.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your grief – your honesty in this post is striking for anyone who has lost someone like this. Sending you support and love & hoping that “See you later alligator” stand you in good stead for as long as you need it.


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