2023 SOL: 29 pie night

She hates pie. And muffins. And most cake. Minus the cake, I’m not sure how she is even my child. Sweet things just aren’t her jam. Oh yea. She also doesn’t like jelly. Or jello. Or pudding.

So she wasn’t super excited when our weekly eat out night was not drive thru nuggets but actually eating in a Baker’s Square restaurant. Baker’s Square aka Poppin Fresh was always a favorite of my Mom and Grandpa. We don’t usually go out to dinner. We are more of a take away family on eat out nights. And we never order dessert. The boys had been checking out the menu all day. It was Free Pie Wednesday, after all. Grilled cheese with personalized sides for the boys. McKenna finally settled on chicken strips that she barely ate.

The time came for each of us to order our pie. George was certain all day that he wanted pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Theo was between the same and cherry pie. Aaron ordered the new German chocolate pie while I had the newly returned caramel pecan silk supreme. McKenna wanted to skip all together. She’s tried apple, cherry, French silk, pumpkin, and coconut cream. All of them were a no go. I convinced her to give pecan a try. It was also a fail.

Aaron encouraged her to try a bite of the German chocolate. SUCCESS! She actually liked it. She ate several forkfuls. We finally found a dessert she will eat! She even said we should have it for Easter.

I am writing for the 16th annual Slice of Life challenge presented by Two Writing Teachers.


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