2023 SOL: 30 his turn

It’s not fair. 
I want to go, too.
When is it my turn?
She always get to do the fun stuff.
When will be it boys’ sleepover?
How many more days?

Soon, Buddy. Soon. Promise.

George was upset when last weekend McKenna was invited for a girls’ sleepover at Papa’s house. No stinky boys allowed. His little face was so sad. Then on Sunday, the date was set. Just four sleeps and it would be his turn. George started meticulously checking off the days on the calendar. He packed three days ago. Each night he would add something new.

Hope Papa likes to play games!  

McKenna warned him that Papa can be a bit of a cheater sometimes.

Cheater. Cheater. Pumpkin eater.

This morning he was ready to go. I had to remind him that he still had daycare, Theo had nap time, Mommy had an online appointment and THEN we could go. It was going to be close to dinner time by the time he got there. Yes. Papa has food.

Is this Papa’s house?  
No. That’s a church.

Is that Papa’s house?
No. That’s a restaurant.

How about this one?
Nope. That’s a train station.

That one?
Funeral home, Buddy.

Does he have zero memory of what Papa’s house looks like? It hasn’t been that long. Or maybe it has. Papa usually comes to us or we see him at other places. I actually had to give him a tour and show him where all the potties were! Note to self—schedule more sleepovers at Papa’s house.

He somehow finagled another night at Fox’s Pizza. Kid is spoiled. He’s eaten out four times since Saturday—two of them being at my favorite pizza joint. It’s 9:30 and he’s on his way to lala land in Papa’s big bed. I’ll pick him up tomorrow and I’m sure he will have a sleepover hangover.

But tonight he got his boys’ sleepover. No stinky girls allowed.

I am writing for the 16th annual Slice of Life challenge presented by Two Writing Teachers.


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