SOL 14: Pie Day

My mom loved going out to eat.  It was not unusual to find us shopping followed by a trip to Cheesecake Factory or Baker’s Square.  Pie.  That’s where it was at.  We would have a salad…because isn’t that healthy…followed by a slice of pie to take home.

I was just discussing this with my father-in-law last night.  We were not a dessert kind of family.  It was reserved for holidays and maybe birthdays.  When we did have dessert it was a family sized fruit cocktail or the occasional Toll House pan cookie. None of use really have ever enjoyed cake.  I wouldn’t have even had it at my wedding if it wasn’t a tradition that my husband thoroughly enjoyed.

GASP.  I know.  Right?

But pie.  That is something we have always liked.  My mom never made a pie that I can recall, but she was an expert at picking one up from Poppin’ Fresh.  I totally just dated myself.  We would save the pie tins and return them for a discount on the next one.  When my Grandma passed, we found dozens of them in the cabinets.

So today, in honor of Pi(e) Day, I shall eat a slice.


I am writing for the 2019 March Slice of Life Challenge



  1. It’s so funny that you put this post up- I was talking about pie with my colleagues. I am not a big pie person, but do love cake and cookies. Pecan Pie is the best, but can’t find myself stretching to any kind of fruit pie. Isn’t food amazing in how it brings up memories?


  2. Didn’t you have a family hookup at a pie joint for a while there? I always liked when the French Silk pie came to the family parties. Other than that, I was all – give me cake! Ice cream! Candy! Jello! None of which I can eat anymore, yet the memory of desserts is still very sweet to me. Something about each one is tied to a special memory for everyone as evidenced here. Love you 😘


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