SOL 10: Sunday Dinner Date

I have a date today. He’s a tall, handsome, older gentleman with envious silver hair. He would be described by those of his generation as a silver fox. He’s retired and treats me well. He buys me dinner every Sunday at his favorite restaurant.

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SOL 8: hot lava

McK slept in a crib until we moved to our new house. She was almost two and a half when we spent our very first night here. She got to pick out everything for her new room. She chose a lovely yellow flowered bedspread that matched the white furniture perfectly.

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Day 5: but seriously



I don’t want to brag, but my grandma made the best pancakes.  How did she make those silver dollar yummies?  They were crispy along the edges and soft in the middle.  Teeny tiny little pancakes made for teeny tiny hands.  And on a Sunday, you could find piles of them waiting for you in the microwave.  Everyone knew they were there and we all helped ourselves.   Continue reading

Day 4: SO FUN.



I’m writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Challenge


It’s been a long day to day the least. Being awoken way too early by a not feeling well husband only to find I was the one who couldn’t fall back to sleep is not the best start. I quietly waited for McK to stir but she decided today was the day she would sleep in. We missed her weekly tumbling class but her BFF wasn’t able to go anyway. Phew. No need to feel guilty.

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Day 1: Getting Cozy

slice-of-life I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge


I’ve always been a morning person…in the fact that I haven’t slept well in longer than I can remember.  Therefore, waking up in the morning has never been an issue for me because I probably wasn’t sleeping anyway.  Now, pulling myself out of bed has always been a feat unto itself.  I don’t like to leave the comfort of my pillows and blankets and cozy PJs.  I don’t like to feel the cold floor on my feet or the wait for the shower to warm.

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5minutefridayTeam. I’ve never really been good at teams.

 I’m woefully unathletic. I’m seriously clumsy…like I was worried I would fall on my face while walking down the aisle on my wedding day kind of clumsy.

I’m completely type A. Control freak to the core. Probably why being on other teams can be so hard for me. I try to micromanage everything. It’s probably my very worst personal trait. I can’t help myself. And it’s only gotten worse over the years. At least I am aware of it.

But…I am a good player for one team. My little family of three. I’ve used my micromanagement skills to budget the hell out of our finances over the last few years. Those of you who remember the frivolous spending of my single youth, please don’t laugh. It’s true. Just ask the other half of the team, my husband. He will tell you that I actually do the monthly budgeting, the house hunting budgeting, the house renovation budgeting, the furniture fund budgeting, the meal planning budgeting…the list goes on. It’s something I’m pretty proud of considering my youthful monetary indiscretions.

I jumped on the Dave Ramsey train. I drank the kool-aide and am better for it. Well, our team is better for it. I miss out on some things due to strict budget matters: a girls’ week’s this year, a postponed romantic getaway last year, pricy gifts for each other at the holidays. But our team looked at the big picture and decided that our plus one requires us to be a little frugal for now. We are okay with that because we know it won’t be forever. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. We can almost see it, in fact. And when it’s so bright we have to put on sunglasses, maybe we can treat ourselves some tropical vacation.

Until that time, this team I’m on will keep the belt tightened just a little extra for the greater good. Don’t worry friends, I’ll be back out there soon enough on your team, again. Until then, have fun doing what you do and save a me a spot for the next girls’ trip.

I am participating in FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY.  Today’s word is:  team


The rules are simple. Write for five minutes flat. There is no extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. It is unscripted. Unedited. Real