2023 SOL: 27 and again.

It’s happened again. Another shooting in a school. This time was an elementary school. Three students were gunned down. Nine year olds.

Fucking nine year olds. I’m reading conflicting information but three adults as well…it could be two adults plus the shooter. Six people woke up this morning and will not be returning to their beds tonight.

What the fuck? When will it end?

Fuck thoughts and prayers. 
Fuck condolences.
Fuck I’m sorry.
Fuck it’s only a few crazies.
Fuck it’s not guns who kill people—it’s people who kill people.
Fuck the politicians who take money from gun rights groups.
Fuck them all.
Sharon McMahon aka sharonsayso via IG

They will say it is not the guns. That it is the mental health crisis. But then I’m the same breath, they vote down any funding for mental health. They need to fund mental health. At the same time, the majority of America wants sensible gun regulation. Yet extreme gun groups lobby millions and millions of dollars for reduced regulations. Why? What are they afraid of? That your unstable mental health will cause your guns to be removed? Maybe they deserve to be.

I don’t get it. How many children have to die before we start protecting them? Politicians are so busy banning books and legislating school curriculum that they cannot seem to make the time to fit in something that will actually make our children safer.

As an educator. As a parent. As a voting American with fucking common sense. I implore you. It is time. Past time. Do something.

I am writing for the 16th annual Slice of Life challenge presented by Two Writing Teachers.


  1. Writing is a way to express our frustration and anger. I understand your anger. A school. A place for growth and learning. A place that should be SAFE. What a scary world we live in. I agree about the crap with banning books – with the excuse of banning books is giving parental rights… maybe we need to teach parents how to parent and what to look for to help individuals who need help. This stuff doesn’t just happen – there were signs. There had to be. Who missed the signs? Parents, neighbors, teachers, friends, relatives??????


  2. Absolutely! I thought, after the devastation of Sandy Hook, that this would stop. That the senseless killing of little. tiny. kids. would shake some sense into our politicians and result in reform and control. Yet somehow, broken bodies of six year olds didn’t do it. Uvalde didn’t do it. And all the other shootings in middle and high schools, at parades and sports and and music festivals and movies and clubs didn’t do it. “Change. Or get out of my way.” Absolutely.

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