SOL 22 and FMF: heavy

Sadness is heavy on my heart these days. It seems that somehow the common decency has left people to be replaced by entitlement. This entitlement is an anchor on our communities’ necks.

The world is heavy with war. Not just the newest war with has been splashed upon every front page and social media feed. It’s so in your face there’s not way too miss it. It’s the war in the midsts of our own communities pushing a stake in already wounded heart.

My community is heavy with the loss a someone too young. Someone who never had a enemy has branded a mark in the world. Our hearts sink the the weight of his departure.

And on days when all the heaviness builds, it is easy to feel you can no longer carry the load. And yet, somehow we continue to haul these heavy bundles on our backs while looking into the light.



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