SOL21 Day 11: But Not Today

We all pile into my bed. McKenna pulls out the book reminds me that I promised two chapters. She’s on my right and Theo is on my left. George is to the left of him balancing precariously close to the edge of the bed.

The baby reaches for the pages and McKenna scolds him for trying to rip the book. George is more interested in using me as a jungle gym than listening to the story he demands I read. Mid chapter, Theo starts crying and we take a break to sing the Theo Song. He’s quickly snoozing and we continue to read about Kate, Lainey, Mia, and Gabby. This is our first Never Girls adventure and I am finding it so much more enjoyable than the bratty kids of the Wierder-est School.

One of my new favorite series is The Never Girls.
The Weirder-est School series is not my favorite but the kids seem to love it for some reason.

This is my job. Each night we read two chapters in my bed while Theo has his last bottle. Aaron finishes up in the front of the house and then does diaper duty.

It’s a game of chicken to see who is actually going to get the kids into their beds. We both avoid it…terrified of the protests which are sure to follow as soon as the door shuts.

I’m super hungry. 
I need snuggles.
Where is my yia yia?
Yelling for his yia yia. Note there is a pile of them next to his pillows. 🙄

These are the stalling techniques we’ve become accustomed to. A few still pull at my heartstrings and I’ve been known to smuggle in a cheese stick or some goldfish crackers. McKenna is usually pretty good but she will visit once or twice before giving up and staying in her super awesome totally cool bed.

McKenna in her super awesome totally cool bed

But somewhere around 8, if we are lucky, the house quiets and we are able to settle in ourselves. Sometimes we watch a movie. Most of the time we scroll on our phones catching up on the day’s news, emails, shopping lists or the social media suck. Frequently there’s some sort of TV show on in the background which neither of us attends to. The baby is usually snoozing between us only to be put into his tiny crib before we pass out for the night.

Ridiculously large Theo in a newborn bassinet. 🙈🤣

The routine of it all is both exhausting and comforting. We’ve pushed it up earlier and earlier fully knowing that the stalling lasts until well after a civilized school night bedtime should. I long for the day when I can toss them into their rooms and go to bed myself. That day will come.

But not today.

I am writing for the 2021 Slice of Life Challenge.


  1. Awww, what sweet reminders of bedtime rituals. They are hard and exhausting. Yes, that day will come where they will be able to handle it on their own, mostly. My youngest is 11 and still likes to fall asleep in my bed before going to sleep on the couch. I should take over her bed, lol!

    Adorable kids!

    Liked by 1 person

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