SOL21 Day 17: Leprechaun trapping

Will he bring me a present?
What happens when I catch him?
Does he know Santa?
How big is he?
What does he like to eat?
What is his name?

These are McKenna’s questions about THE Leprechaun. Apparently St. Patrick’s Day has become a holiday to be celebrated with presents and decorations and a mascot much like Christmas. Where did she learn about this? It wasn’t me. It must have been her beloved Mrs. Grimes.

She came home talking about a trap. She had a plan that involved a candy trail from the kitchen to her bedroom, a basket, steps, and glitter. I let her get to work encouraging less candy trails and glitter but more signage. She got it together and went to take a picture with my phone while I was feeding the baby. After we read our required two chapters in her chapter books, she willing went to bed with a flashlight so she could watch for him all night. I was secretly grateful for today’s remote learning day so that I didn’t need to pry and overtired kindergartener out of her bed.

The sign says do not go in here since leprechauns are notoriously bad rule followers.

Exhausted from a couple consecutive nights of medicine duty, I didn’t notice her door opening before I had gotten out of bed myself. She was devastated. She hadn’t caught THE Leprechaun. I reminded her that no one ever had. He’s sneaky and I think it’s actually bad luck to touch one. And he didn’t leave me a present either.

WTF?! Now I’m supposed to plan St. Patrick’s Day presents?! Ugh.

I whisper to my husband to grab the two jump robes out of the back of the van and sneak them into the trap. I picked them up for Easter baskets but they will work since she has been talking about learning to jump rope in PE. I help her brush her hair and send her back into her room grab a ponytail holder.

SQUEAL! He came! He came! THE Leprechaun came while you were brushing my hair.

I remind her this is impossible since we were sitting right across from her bedroom door. But she’s convinced that sneaky rascal made his way in. But he didn’t leave her any chocolate golden coins 🙄 The jump rope is really cool, though. She hands me my robe belt that she keeps stealing to use as a jump robe telling me she didn’t need it anymore. She’s been practicing jumping between all her classes today. I’m sure she’s going to break a lamp or whip one of her brothers. But she keeps jumping anyway.

I am writing for the 2021 Slice of Life Challenge.


  1. I have a confession . . . I was a kindergarten teacher for many, many years and I’m pretty sure I put families in this same position. But if it means anything, my 17 year-old daughter seemed a little disappointed that our milk wasn’t green this morning. At least it’s a one night deal, unless of course, the leprechaun meets the elf on the shelf!


  2. I never planned on doing this whole leprechaun thing. Luckily my older son never asked much about it even though they talked some about it in preschool. But man has my daughter latched onto it. We try to keep it simple though. No presents. No candy. No coins. He comes, he escapes, he makes a little mischief and he’s gone. Each year, after the fact, I think about how I could have left a gold chocolate coin, but never remember ahead of time. But I’m cool with that. Since we’d really love to just stick to the Easter bunny and Santa, I’m fine with the leprechaun not doing much… Alps never wanted to do an elf and we caved, so they don’t do much either!


  3. I love the questions that she asked! My favorite “Does he know Santa?” And what a CUTE trap -especially the sign. I’m sure the leprechaun visiting only while she was in the next room made it even more magical!

    In truth, I am not ready for leprechaun planning. I am trying to get my rally cap together for Easter Baskets hahah. Yesterday and today I read many posts about the leprechaun visiting. I’m sure it’s only a matter of years before the leprechaun visits our house.


  4. We are living parallel lives! I am choosing to blame, I mean believe, that this sudden interest in trapping the leprechaun is because they missed out on it last year. They were so excited about the chocolate coins and the green toliet water (that Leprechaun was quite the mischief maker), and I am even smiling through the glitter mess that I am still cleaning up! HA! We must have a PTA Meeting before next year and coordinate our traps!

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