SOL21 Day 10: more echoes of me

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post about how my daughter is my very own echo chamber. At the time, it was little toddler talk. She would mimic a word or two, a phrase or song. Now I argue with my own damn self all day. Want to know how annoying you really are? Grow a tiny human to argue with daily. They turn your words on you faster than you can say fruit snack.

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Last week, Aaron and I had a small disagreement. I was tired and he said something I didn’t like. I called him out on it. I shouldn’t have done it in front of the kids but I did. It smoothed over quickly and I thought that was that. But McKenna exited her bed for the millionth time that night because she had something on her mind.

Now. I don’t want you two to go to bed angry. Mom. You need to apologize to Daddy for the tone in your voice. It wasn’t kind and he might be very sad with the way you talked to him. You need to say it like you mean it. I want to hear the kindness in your heart. Then she side eyed me and sauntered away, leaving my mouth agape with shock.

Yup. That was me. She is 100% a mini Karyn using my own words against me. See, McKenna and George have been spending unnatural amounts of time together. As all siblings do, they get on each other’s nerves…now more than ever. We try to teach them that sometimes it is not what you say but how you say it that can make someone sad. And a grumbly I’m sorry is really no better than no apology at all. I always remind her to show the kindness in her heart if she wants to apologize.

The next morning she asked me if I had shown my heart kindness to Daddy. Please note that he is Daddy and I am Mom…she’s like an emo disgruntled teenager already. I assured her that I had…honestly, I don’t remember if I did…and we moved on. But this is a reminder that although I may feel like I am a broken record, the lessons I am teaching are being learned. I am the mirror she is choosing to compare herself to. I won’t always have her ear so I better make it count while it matters to her.

I am writing for the 2021 Slice of Life Challenge.


  1. OMGOSH I laughed so hard; this is an amazing slice!!! We have an 18 month old and another boy on the way. I can see our toddler is his daddy’s spitting image already. It’s fun to see watch how they develop. They are totally, definitely watching our every move, huh?!


  2. Rock on, Karyn! Proud Mama moment for sure! Yes, right now I hear Little Charlie repeat tons of my short phrases. Big Charlie and I are constantly reminding ourselves he is watching our every move. What a touching moment. You are inspiring!


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