SOL 2020 16: social distancing day 3

What do you do when you naturally have high anxiety but days weeks like this one put you in overdrive?

I’m going to be candid here

I don’t know.

If you know the answer, please tell me. It’s been a doozy of a week and it is only Monday. Last night we had to decide if we were going to keep the kids in daycare so I can continue working (from home) or we were going to take them out of daycare…and I was going to continue working (from home).

The responsible thing would be to take them out. But then we need to continue paying $500 a week when we aren’t even using the service. Can you put a price tag on your health and the health of those loved ones around you?

Yea. Me neither.

So we took them out. I sent them today so I could take some time to set up a plan and now we are hunkered down for the next two (plus?!) weeks. The only good news is that the daycare isn’t going to make us pay. I’m terrified, though. I know I’m not one of those women who excels at being a stay at home mom. I know my limits. And 2-3 days a week is it.

I need the ability to have grown up conversations. And although McKenna is quite the conversationalist, she is still just a four year old…going on 17…but still just 4. I need interactions where I am more than just a snack bitch mom. This two (plus) weeks will be grueling for me.

We are now pretty much stuck in the house except for when it is empty enough for us to go outside for fresh air. Maybe a bike ride or walk will do. If I’m feeling extra ambitious, maybe I can toss the kids in the van and drive to some remote forest preserve for some running around time.

But how will I work and still parent simultaneously? I’m not sure. I took at least a half dozen phone calls today and returned no less than 25 e-mails. I was on FB and iMessage answering questions for colleagues. And yet, my inboxes are still overflowing with things I didn’t get to.

I think all of us trying to balance this new normal need to take a little time for ourselves. Maybe we need to meditate or do some yoga. Perhaps exercise or journaling is in order. If it’s your thing, maybe put aside for some prayer.

If we don’t take care of our minds during this time when our bodies are so susceptible, we are sure to crumble under the pressure regardless of a Covid-19 test results.

Be safe. Be healthy.

I am writing for the 2020 Slice of Life Challenge.



  1. I don’t know how many working mothers are going to be getting on because their kids are now at home all day and so are they (but expected to be working). I wish you the best of luck and maybe an in-house Nanny could be hired for some help during these weeks?


  2. I don’t know the answer to how to manage anxiety in a crisis either, because mine is horrible and I am trying to pretend I am normal for my son. But! I did teach online for 6 year starting when my son was 1. It is HARD, but it is also POSSIBLE. Get up early and work before they wake up. It’s horrible if you are not a morning person, but you can work in your jammies and even while sitting on the bed. Buy yourself some time with PBS Kids when you really need it. Definitely work during nap time. If you have a partner who can cook, let them cook and wrangle the kiddos while you work some more. Most importantly, for your sanity and the kids’ sanity, carve out pieces of your day when you will not work and stick to them. Block out the time on any shared calendars that your school is using so people will know when you won’t be answering the phone, and block them out on your calendar and in your mind too. Set a timer and give the kids something to play with, and tell them that when the timer goes off, you will play WITH them, and then do it. It does get easier after you’ve had enough time to get used to it. Remember that teaching is never done for the day no matter what the circumstances are and carve out some evening time for you, especially if you do get up really early to work. You can do this!


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