SOL 2020 15: social distancing day 2

Day two of social distancing wasn’t too bad. Because we didn’t actually distance. 😬

Don’t be mad. Hear me out.

We were supposed to go to a restaurant to celebrate our spring birthdays. But we put the kibosh on that idea pretty quickly. Instead, some of those people came to my house to have pizza. It was a small gathering of hand washers who knocked elbows and fist bumped rather than hugged and kissed. We kept safe distances and enjoyed a little company and fresh air (for the kids anyway).

It has only been 48 hours but I could feel the psychological effects of this social distancing weigh me down. I’ve begun thinking of doomsday scenarios where this turns into some sort of Handmaid’s Tale alternate universe where my family and I get the shit end of the stick.

I’m getting a little nervous.

And social media is not helping for the most part. People posting their factual opinions are giving me a headache with their nonsense. That factual opinions thing is a direct quote. I wanted to throat punch that ignorant lady. What the hell is a factual opinion anyway.

But then something happened. I saw someone ask if the local Target had been restocked with wipes and a mom offered wipes from her own stash. Then someone was asking what people were doing about childcare when the daycare centers eventually close.


Just like that, someone mentioned putting together a post of possible sitters due to school closures. I saw instance after instance of neighbors helping each other out whether it be an offer to look for baby formula or to check on an elderly neighbor.

My anxiety lessened knowing that if we can focus on all this good, maybe will will come out the other side of this in one piece.

I am writing for the 2020 Slice of Life Challenge.



  1. SHAME! Shame!!! JK. You gotta do what you gotta do. Just stop doing it meow. You’ve got too many small people counting on you. I liked this post a lot. It went a few different ways and then ended optimistic. Yes, I’ve seen this whole neighbor thing in action too and it’s amazing. Everyone is very nice. I hope it lasts and this all ends soon… May I suggest FaceTiming though instead of face to face. We’ve FT someone every night since Friday. My folks, my brother & Lo, the boys’ friends. Just 10-15 min and it’s fun. I’m sure my boys would love to say hi to Mc & G someday this week online 💙


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