SOL 2020 9: miracles

Three years ago I wrote about getting the news that George was on his way. I was so very happy. It had been a long road for us. Two years ago, I wrote about how I was experiencing all of my last firsts. I also wrote about the one minute that changed our lives and why George would be our last baby.

If you haven’t been following my slices this month…SURPRISE!

George is not our last! We are expecting again in late June or early July. And although we always wanted three children, all the statistics told us that wouldn’t be happening. We resigned ourselves with that and were quite happy with our little party of four.

But then God had another plan for us. Of course, we would welcome all the babies God would gift us with. But this current little one has been giving me a run for my money.

I’ve been sick. Like the entire time. I’m 23 weeks pregnant and pretty sure I haven’t gone 48 hours without throwing up. This child has quite literally sucked the iron and B12 from my body leaving me completely depleted. I’ve had pregnancy induced kidney stones and nerve pain in my left thigh.

I half jokingly refer to this baby as a parasite. I love him or her but come on. Mama is old.


I’m not making that up. They call this pregnancy a geriatric pregnancy because I’m giving birth after the age of 40.

Talk about making someone feel good.

But regardless of my age, I am blessed to be experiencing this again. It is a miracle I never thought could ever happen. It is a gift. And I cherish it.

When I’m not throwing up. This child better cure cancer or some shit like that.

I am writing for the 2020 Slice of Life Challenge.



  1. Congratulations! I love your humor mixed with your obvious gratefulness. I can’t imagine how surprised you must have been! I think they say the sicker you get, the more likely the baby is to take care of you in your old age…or something like that 😉


  2. I love bonus babes! Such a great thing to have happen–and I am really sorry about the pukes. It’s the worst! When I was pregnant with twins and didn’t know it–all I could do is puke. Then when we discovered there were 2 babies–all I could do is puke.

    It will get better!

    Keep writing and sharing!


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