SOL 2020 8:

Today we were blessed with that rare near 70* day in early March. The only problem was that it was also the morning after daylight savings time change.

We had a solid plan. Rather than visiting Great Grandpa at 4:00 like we usually do, we were aiming for a aiming for a 2:30 arrival. This would be smack in the middle of nap time.

Old time

If we skip nap and have an early dinner, we can wear the kids out with an after dinner walk around the neighborhood and outside play. This seemed to work. They were fall down tired.


So tired that that George screamed for 30 minutes at bedtime to the point of nearly hyperventilating. McKenna was too tired to go potty.

Our plan backfired. Again.

But then magic happened. George quieted and McKenna peed. No one climbed out of bed or attempted to hurl themselves from the crib. And they both fell asleep. It was early. Like before 8:00. We had time to watch a show.

I’m guessing that morning will be a nightmare. Their little bodies will be experiencing a 5:00am wake up instead of the way too early 6:00am they usually have. I’m unprepared for this myself.

Who on earth thinks this is a good idea?

Certainly no mother I know.

So my goal is to have my head on my pillow by 9:30 so I can be asleep by 10pm.

That 5:00am alarm will feel like 4:00am and that will be pure torture. For all of us.


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