Day 9: good things


I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge

Today started out like most.  I felt the impending weight of dread since my feet hit the floor.  Things have been going so well lately.  The other shoe is bound to drop.  We rush to get out of the house and quickly melt into tears at daycare drop off.

In the parking lot, I sent a silent plea to my mom.  This is not unusual.  As a matter of fact, it has become part of my routine.  I thank her for being our guardian angel, then ask her to continue to watch over us throughout the day and to lift the weight from my mind.

The radio is playing a song that doesn’t tickle my fancy, so I take the long way around the dial to find something more pleasing.  That’s when I hear it.  A song that has no real significance to me.  But the words continue to repeat in my ears and it is a sign.  No need to dread the day.  Only good things today.  So no matter what happens, I know that my mom will look out for us all day long and today will be exactly as it should be.

I continue my morning with a new outlook and a happily misty eye.  The new weight around me is the feeling of my mom telling me that good things will prevail.



  1. I know your mom was with you today…I hope that your little ones mini meltdown was just a speed bump on the way to a great day! So many good things to look forward to- spring, new home…I’m glad you choose to focus on the good😄


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