SOL 2020 5: stone walled

I woke at 2:30am with that old familiar feeling in my back…right near the left kidney.

Oh please. God, no.

At 3:00 it was still there. After 3 bottles of water, I still wasn’t peeing. I am so uncomfortable that I move to the couch so I wouldn’t wake Aaron. That’s when George started screaming. I went to make sure he hadn’t thrown up or something. He was fine…just looking for a little cuddle time with Mama.

I finally dosed off around 4:15 only to wake to the same pain just a bit later. I sent a message to my urologist and waited to get a hold of my OB. I know what their answer will be.

Go to the ER.

But all those germs.

I barely manage to get myself ready and McKenna our the door. I drop her at daycare, get into the car to call Aaron and tell him my plan. Luckily, George is with Regular Grandpa today.

I make my way to the hospital, head to the labor and delivery floor and asked to be seen. I was able to squeeze a few drops out for the nurse but that’s about it. My bladder feels like it’s going to explode…but nada. An ultrasound of my bladder and kidneys indicate that my left kidney is a bit lazy today–not expelling as it should. Not stone to be seen but they can only see so much with ultrasound technology.

I am finally able to pee and it feels like sweet relief. It’s the little things in life. So for now, I wait. Who knows what is going on exactly. All signs point to a kidney stone. I’m sent home to rest and drink water and followup with my urologist. I just hope it all goes away and I pass this kidney stone.


Having given birth twice, I would choose birth over a kidney stone any day of the week.

I am writing for the 2020 Slice of Life Challenge.



  1. Karyn I adore your title and I know how you feel. With my second pregnancy I had kidney stones and giving birth is a much better experience than kidney stones. Unfortunately, my stones did not pass and I ended up with two rounds of lithotripsy (after delivery). The good news is I have been kidney stone free for almost 20 years! Hang in there – you got this!


  2. Choosing birth over a kidney stone makes me realize how much pain you must be in? I am so, so sorry. Pregnancy complications are the worst. (I delivered my son with pneumonia, which was horrendous.)

    I wish you comfort and ease as you go through the next few days.


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