SOL 2020 4: bedtime routine

McKenna used to be great about going to bed. She thought the floor of her room was hot lava. She WOULD NOT leave her bed but would call for us instead. This ended at least a year ago now.

It’s been torture ever since. PJ time is a 30 minute ordeal that I try to start BEFORE dinner now. The other day after friends left, Aaron had to hold her while I peeled her Elsa costume from her wiggly body.

She screamed the entire time and curled up in a ball the second I got it off her declaring she was just going to sleep in her undies.

Girl. Go for it.

She told me the next day this is how she wants to sleep every night. When she emerged from her room for dinner wearing nothing but her underwear and a some socks, I told her she needed to put some clothes on. She decided a winter scarf and hat were the perfect way to keep warm.

And when I finally convinced her it was time for bed, she struck these poses as she climbed under the covers.

I honestly don’t care if my kids sleep in pajamas or their birthday suits as long as they Go The F*ck to Sleep. Or at the very least, stay in their damn rooms. George hasn’t gotten out of his crib. Yet. But he has started trying to climb out. We put him back in a sleep sack and that seems to have slowed him down a bit. But McKenna is now popping out of her room a few times a night with a question about the meaning of life, a request for another snack, or a sock that has fallen off.

This is her right now. You can see her lights off and she is clearly in bed resting. 🙄

She’s come out once already. Last night, I went to bed early. I heard her door open and then nothing. Turns out she went to the pantry to help herself to some crackers. Aaron found the box hidden near the garage door.

And the mornings are even worse. They are both turning into teenagers…sleep all day and party all night. They are a lot like their dad in that way. I’m hoping that turn the corner, soon. Maybe over spring break we can get back to a better schedule.

Good god I hope so.

I am writing for the 2020 Slice of Life Challenge.



  1. It is literally one of the most frustrating things about kids, and I have great sleepers. The putting them to bed part can be a nightmare. From having to now play the Blippi toothbrush song, to making sure waters are filled up, followed by my daughter asking us a thousand questions from her bed, it is exhausting. Hope it gets better for you!

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