SOL 5: But how do they get out?

On our way to school, McK and I chit-chat about all sorts of things. Sometimes we talk about her friends or music. Sometimes we listen to my favorite podcast if the topic is appropriate. Sometimes we listen to her favorite podcast to hear a good story. Sometimes we play an epic game of I spy…

Today, though, she caught me off guard. I heard a quiet question from the back and turned down Thunder so I could make out what she was saying.

Mama? How do babies get out of the mamas’ tummies?

I’ve been dreading this question. I could say something like magic or I don’t know. But I’ve been firm about telling her I would never lie so I feel like I need to be honest here.

How do you think they get out? Maybe I’ve dodged a bullet.

Nope! I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking you. How did G and me get out of your belly?

Well, the doctor helps the baby come out. I’m hoping it’s a sufficient answer that is truthful enough that she cannot call me out on it when she learns the whole story.

But how do they get out?

I sat in silence for a few moments. She asked again. I took a deep breath.

They come out of the mama’s vagina.

Oh. Ok. Then a minute later…But how?

The mama has to push and the doctor helps.

Ok. Like when you hold my hand when I poop?

Kind of. But Daddy held my hand.

Ok. Can I get a munchkin?

What I thought was a big deal was not. Sometimes moms are the ones that make things bigger than they should be.

Question. Answer.

It was as easy as that. I just hope she doesn’t ask me how they get into the mamas’ tummies anytime soon.

I am writing for the 2019 March Slice of Life Challenge



  1. Oh my goodness! I laughed out loud (and even snorted!) I do think sometimes we make a much bigger deal out of things-I’m not a parent, but I remember when I went through my divorce and knew my students would ask questions and was nervous. Basically, they moved on quickly and told me, “You should get on!”


  2. This is so funny! I was wondering how you were going to respond 🙂 When you first asked her what she thought, was great. I’m going to try that the next time a student asks me an awkward question! Thank for sharing your fun conversation!


  3. OMG! I held my breath reading this. You truly handled this conversation like a PRO! And what a curious/donut loving little one! 😉 Thanks for giving mamas like me with even younger kiddos an idea of how to navigate this when the time comes.


  4. Way to be frank with your little girl!

    I feel that people try to sugarcoat everything anymore, and it results in misperceptions and confusion.

    Our little ones need to be told the truth, plain an simple. Good job!


  5. Haha. Love this. Olivia asked this question once, I told her the same…babies come out of vaginas. She cocked her head and gave me a funny look and giggled “no silly mommy”. The she went off to play, but I think this question is going to resurface again.


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