SOL 6: Tufano’s

Several nights a week I am down in the city at UIC for classes.  Back in the summer, my father-in-law would come to stay with the kids and I would head down early to beat traffic.  Upon arrival, I would have my car valeted at a local restaurant and sit on their patio with some classmates.

We would order a salad, do some homework, and gab until we had to make our way to class.  I always loved those days out on the patio.  I never got much done but just having that adult time meant a lot.

It’s now early March.  It’s absolutely freezing in Chicago.  The wind will just cut through you and leave you chilled to the bone.  I valeted the car and made my way into the restaurant before the rest of the girls got there.  I hunkered down with a cup of tea to do some homework and write this very blog.  I stared at the menu as if I had never seen it before while deciding if I would get something to bring to class.

The ladies started to arrive and I started fade.  No more work is going to get done today.  I’ll enjoy the delicious warm bread and conversation.


img_8908-1I am writing for the 2019 March Slice of Life Challenge



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