SOL 4: day off

Days off are so very different than they used to be. I used to sleep in and lounge all day watching reruns of Law and Order: SVU. I would lunch with friends and drink well into the wee hours the night before. PJs all day and nap it out mid-afternoon.

Now I try to hit the hay by 10pm knowing the kids have a good three hour head start on me. Although we weren’t out the door by our usual 6:30am, we were up well before my childless days. We watched movies and played dollies. I made dinner for tonight then worked ahead making the chili for Wednesday. I prayed for nap time…one was way too short and the other never happened.

It was almost a blessing when my father-in-law arrived so I can leave to head to an open lab class in the city. Fighting traffic there and back doesn’t sound like fun. Fighting with two overtired littles sounds like less fun. I made it home just in time to shove some shepherds pie in my face before attending a live session of class.

This is how it goes these days. My husband put the kids to bed. Again. He does it more than I do most weeks. I sat in the basement with the web cam that is flattering on absolutely NO ONE while the kids popped in and out. McK wanted to snuggle and G wanted to play. Every stuffed animal we own made an appearance. I hope we weren’t too distracting.

the stuffed animals that made an appearance in my live session

The evening ended with vegging out on the couch to binge some more of The Sopranos with my husband. And yes…it still holds up after 20 years. I should be studying for midterms. I should be doing homework. My brain is fried. I just cannot smoosh anymore into it today.

Although I would have preferred to spend my day off as a day off I am glad that I got to spend some of it with the kiddos and husband.

I am writing for the 2019 March Slice of Life Challenge



  1. Creepy, Brendan’s watching them from the beginning again too. Still holds up alright. Still brutal as all hell. Glad you sliced today. Glad to see those happy, unnapped faces! You’re doing it all and it’s all good. Keep at it. Super Mom is very flattering on you 😉


  2. I always have such grand plans when I have a day off during the week! More often than not, I end up binge watching CSI, or catching up on my DVR recordings of Chicago Med, Fire, & PD. Oh, I usually get something done… a load of laundry or empty the dishwasher, but certainly not the deep cleaning of the house I pictured the day before! Oh well! Enjoy the down time – especially while your cuties are small!


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