SOL Day 26: sick

Ever notice that RIGHT after you host a big event, complete a giant project, or put an end to a stressor that’s been bogging you down that you immediately get sick? It’s a real thing. Ask any newlywed. I bet a bunch of the brides got sick post wedding.

We just hosted our first large party at our new house. George was baptized and we celebrated with almost 60 family members. We cleaned and prepped into the wee hours before waking early to make it to the chapel on time. Upon arrival back at our home, 50+ guests descended on us all at once. I was overwhelmed and thankful for the help offered by sisters and aunts.

After the food was put away and the last guests thanked, I sat on the couch to rest my aching bones. One sip of water and I knew I was sick. I had felt fine all day. But the burning throat, scratchy eyes, and runny nose started immediately after the party ended. As I took of my makeup, the telltale aching right eye told me I would have a sty come morning. All my brushes were cleaned last time I wore makeup (and then immediately got a sty). I had replaced my mascara and eyeliner and cleansed all my shadow palettes. No luck. The throbbing was all to familiar. I was certain my right eye would be swollen almost shut by morning.

I muddled through Sunday in a blur of leftovers and snacks. Monday was busy until late afternoon. When we all crawled into my bed to watch a movie, I was knocked back. Texting Aaron to see what time he would be home while cradling am attention seeking baby and minding a curious toddler was taking it out of me.

A casserole in the fridge served as dinner as I sat trance-like on the couch. Aaron came home to find me just beat to hell. An early dinner, some cold meds, and off to bed hoping to feel better in the morning.

No rest for the weary. We have spring break plans all week. But tomorrow, we plan to sleep in a little before headed to my aunt’s house. Here’s to hoping this dumb cold doesn’t follow me there.

I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge



  1. Oh no! That sounds miserable. I hope you feel better soon! I love the way you wrote this line in the beginning: “descended on us all at once” (shoot–I don’t know how to make the italics show–I loved those italics–they made the descending upon your house feel so much stronger and immediate than had you not used italics.)


  2. So sorry you aren’t feeling well. But I think your comments about people getting sick right after a big event are spot on. It’s like your body knows, “OK, I can let down now.” I hope you will feel better after a good night’s rest!


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