SOL Day 25: spring break

Spring break is here. As an adult, spring break isn’t nearly as fun as a child or even a college student. There will be no drinking until dawn or sleeping until noon.

I’ll be purging and spring cleaning. I’ll finish up a few projects left over from maternity leave and starting a few more to complete come summer.


There will also be the zoo.

And family movie night snuggles.

There will be cuddles in mama’s bed and PJ days ALL day. We will have play dates with friends and exploration of new parks.

I do sometimes miss the carefree days of my early twenties when I could drink any southside guy under the table. That’s how I spent the spring breaks of my youth. This new, grownup kind of spring break, the spring break of a mom-teacher, comes sans hangover. That’s not a bad thing when you’ve got two little ones who are the center of your universe.

I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge



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