SOL Day 28: baby giggles

Last night my baby just couldn’t be comforted. He was overtired and just couldn’t calm himself. The cough he’s had for weeks…err months…err…ever is worsening to the point that I’m ready to take him to an allergist. He was uncomfortable and cranky.

I became weepy with exhaustion and not feeling well myself. As I paced the living room trying to calm my restless little man, my heart broke that I couldn’t help him find the sleep he was so desperately seeking.

It was such a change from just a few hours before. Fighting off my own little plague, I had zero energy by the time Aaron came home. All I wanted was my bed. But then I was holding this laughing baby with an uncontrollable case of the giggles (as evident by the video below) and I felt instantly rejuvenated.

It’s so interesting how one event, one sound, can change your outlook on any day. A giggle renewed my spirit and energy while a cry broke me in two. This 17 pound miracle has a hold on me that I cannot even begin to explain.

I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge



  1. I watched this one on insta like 5 times. The boy is the best. That laugh! The cough did worry me at the baptism when I was holding him. I’d think maybe allergies too. Like some post-nasal that’s just sticking around too long from something. If you want our pediatric allergist at U of C, she’s amazing. LMK.


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