SOL Day 24: God Bless Baby George

Today we baptized George. Last time we tried to do this, there was a blizzard so we are very thankful that the predicted snow seemed to have changed course. We were up late cleaning and preparing the house for the many many guests to join our celebration. Sleeping in was not in the cards.While sleepily walking through the hall outside her bedroom this morning, McKenna spotted the pictures that have been hanging there for several months, watching over both her and George. She said, those are my grandmas. She’s right.

I lifted her so she could get a better look and she said something that took my breath away. My grandmas hold baby George. At first I thought she confused the blanket my mom was holding with her brother. She said it again. I asked her to show me and she said Not here silly! At nighttime.

As I teared up, McKenna noticed my watering eyes and wiped them with her yellow. She gave me a hug and asked for her yogurt.

Such small words from a little one to bring me comfort on a day I wish my mom and mother-in-law were here to celebrate with us. She reminded me that he was sent to us from them and they were always here watching over us.

God bless baby George.

George’s baptism suit was made from my wedding gown. The vest was taken from my mom’s wedding dress and the buttons, lace (on hat), and bow tie (not pictured) were taken from my mother-in-law’s gown.

We had a similar dress made for McKenna. Her gown was made from mine. All the bead work was taken from my mom’s dress.

I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge



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