Day 12: saving me nothing


I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge

I remember as a child that I loved Daylight Savings Time.  We got an extra hour of sunlight and I barely even noticed the shift of time.  I’m sure my mom did.  And as a parent, let me tell you, this shift is torture.  My years of teaching have done nothing to prepare me.

I thought I was doing the right thing today by putting McK down for an early nap.  An early nap, wear that kid out, and bed at 7:15 (new time).  But that nap turned into a 60 minute play session followed by her passing out for 2 hours and Mama waking her up in fear of missing the window.  Basically she took the nap she should have taken yesterday.

My little monkey wakes up refreshed while I’m still exhausted.  Since I thought putting her down early would be the answer to my bedtime woes later this evening, McK did not have lunch.  She did have a very hearty late breakfast and several snacks so I wasn’t worried about her wasting away to nothing.  But upon offering and refusing her lunch, all she wanted to do was run around the house like a maniac and eat crackers.  This plan wasn’t going to plan at all.

At exactly 4pm, McK announced that she needed chicken.  And strawberries.  And blueberries.  And peas.  And yogurt.  And water.  And juice…which she doesn’t even really like.  This is too late for lunch and too early for dinner I thought.  She’s so hungry she’s double fisting with both a fork and spoon.  Maybe an early dinner followed by a bedtime snack would do the trick.  NOPE.  This nugget has been an eating machine ever since and shows no sign of slowing down.  How many crackers are too many crackers?  She shows no indication of wanting to go to bed in about an hour to get us back on track.  Good God.  How did losing an hour end up stretching this day into 28 rather than 23?  Bedtime cannot come soon enough.  Daylight Savings has saved me nothing.



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