Day 10: sliceable


I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge

Slicing is hard.  I’ve tried to think all day of something to slice.  I’ve wondered, is this slice worthy? more than one time today.  The answer is always no.  No one wants to read about my breakfast (scrambled eggs on an English muffin if you are wondering).  No one is dying to hear about my backsplash dilemma (there is NOTHING out there that I like).

Some days just aren’t sliceable.  Today is one of them.  Nothing is jumping out to write about and that is just fine.  Sometimes it is good to have a day that is uneventful.  Sometimes it feels just fine to be boring.  I’m okay with that.

This is a cop out.  I know it.  You know it.  I put some thought about what to write.  But this isn’t exactly prize winning material here.  It takes time to find your voice.  I’m only ten days into this little experiment and I haven’t given up yet as I considered doing just 15 minutes ago from the comfort of my bed.  At least I wrote today.  That’s what I am taking away from this.



  1. And sometimes the best slice comes from not knowing what to slice…I laughed as you gave us some side commentary…especially about the backsplash! (Can’t go wrong with a nice subway tile😉)…you are killing this challenge and found a great slice from what you thought was going to be nothing!


  2. I’m glad you wrote! I have struggled all week to feel the inspiration. I skipped a day last week and excused it away, telling my husband, “I’d rather not write for one day than publish total crap”. You succeeded at avoiding writing crap and still slicing with no inspiration! Way to go 🙂 here is to a normal, boring day again today but with a wide-awakeness that allows you to see a special moment that may otherwise go undocumented. P.S. scrambled eggs on an English muffin is delicious 🙂


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