I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge. 

Today is the Day Without Women.  And although I would like to fully participate, the only people that would be truly punished would be my students and my own daughter.  You see, as a woman person I do a lot each and every day that goes unnoticed by most but would have the biggest impact on the smallest.

Who is being taught a lesson if I didn’t come to work?  Sure, the school secretary would have to find a sub and my boss may be mad at me.  But it would be the students who would miss out on valuable instructional time.  If I choose to not do my unpaid work at home, it would be my daughter sitting in a yucky diaper wondering why Mama didn’t make dinner.  To me, that tells them that they do not matter and that is not the message I want to send.

These little people matter so much that I CHOOSE them today.  I CHOOSE to show up to so they know that they matter.  I CHOOSE to smother her with extra love.  I CHOOSE to be part of the conversation by having the conversation rather than taking today to disengage with those that may not notice anyway.

I know this may be an unpopular opinion. I know I may get some unflattering feedback.  That doesn’t mean that I do not stand with my sisters.  It simply means that I choose the most vulnerable among them today and everyday.

Today, along with my colleagues, I wear read to show the world that although it is not a day without this woman, I stand with all women.


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