2023 SOL: 16 trapping

This year there were no leprechaun trap projects from school. THANK GOD! I apologized for that last year. But my kids have it in their heads that the leprechaun visits like the damn Tooth Fairy or something. So I guess we are trapping again this year. 😩

Luckily Aunt Eve purchased some sort of kit for McKenna when she spent the night last weekend. They glued and taped and constructed and glittered until her heart was content over at her house. McKenna just had to set it up outside her door before bed. I am unsure if the clothes all over the floor are part of the elaborate trap or just McKenna neglecting her laundry.

George, on the other hand, wanted to construct a trap about 7 minutes before bed time. 🙄 Of course he did. With the help of McKenna, he put together this. I’m told it has a path on the top to lead the leprechaun to the hole near the side. He will fall in and try to jump up out of the hole in the top. But of course, George has covered it with tape for the Leprechaun to get stuck. When he falls off, he will land on the dirty sock inside and promptly fall asleep. Very creative for about 12 minutes of work and the use of garbage he found in the recycling bin.

I fear I will never be able to part with these traps. Not because I love them so much but because my kids will cry their eyes out if the go missing. I know the other moms know exactly what I’m talking about here. Now what does the leprechaun do when he is here. Or she…could be either. I’m not messing up my house for this. It’s messy enough without a naughty Irish elf. Lucky for my kids, I tossed some random junk in my basket during my last excursion to the Dollar Tree. It was intended for their Easter baskets but I guess the Leprechaun is bringing kids some cotton candy for family movie night. Now I just have to sneak out to the trunk of my car to get it.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ☘️ Enjoy a Guinness and some corned beef.

I am writing for the 16th annual Slice of Life challenge presented by Two Writing Teachers.


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