SOL21 Day 4: Slice and Repeat

It’s 8pm and everyone is in bed. Well—in their bedrooms. Aaron is finishing up his day.

McKenna is shuffling around in her room, coming out every so often to ask a very important question.

George is in his bed screaming at the top of his lungs, IM HUNGRY! I’M JUST SO HUNGRY! even though he just had a snack.

He’s an expert staller. He also knows how to break his mama’s heart with those words.

Theo has fallen asleep next to me just waiting to be put into the way too small bassinet at the foot of our bed. Yes. He should be in the crib. But see above about George and the screaming. They share a room.

Note Theo missing from the crib because George is not fond of having a roommate

And so I curl up in my bed, phone on the charger, eyes drifting shut before I remember.

Slice. Son of a motherless goat. I forgot to slice.

There’s little more that I want than a full night’s sleep without a toddler screaming in my ears, an infant needing attending to, or the pre-tween just needing to tell me something super duper important at 3am. I haven’t been sleeping well. Fevers and nightmares and teething have really done me in. I could travel to Europe using the bags under my eyes as luggage if it wasn’t for Covid.

So I’m slicing. From my bed on my phone with one eye closed because my glasses aren’t in reach. I hear McKenna finally climb up into her bed to play with her flashlight. George starts to settle before drifting off—he wasn’t that hungry it seems. Theo is quietly snoring in tune with the tapping of my fingers on my phone.

So after a long day of commutes, evaluations, collaborations, emails, phone calls, virtual karate, lunch making, laundry folding, homework checking, backpack organizing, and all the other things I squeezed in between…I’m ready to rest my weary eyes.

Slice and repeat again tomorrow.

I aam writing for the 2021 Slice of Life Challenge.



  1. Congratulations on making it happen! I love the descriptions of your kids in the beginning and the end. That second to last paragraph with the run-off sentence of all that your day entailed is such a wonderfully crafted picture of how it’s amazing you were able to stay awake long enough to write such a great post!


  2. You did it . . . and on your phone even!! I felt your eyes getting heavier and heavier as I read your post. My favorite line was “Slice. Son of a motherless goat. I forgot to slice.” Just last night, I ‘rested my eyes’ only to wake up with a sudden jolt thinking, “It’s 11:30 and I haven’t posted my slice.” Tonight I was going to be certain to post before 9:00. But here I am not even an idea to write about.


  3. ‘He’s an expert staller. He also knows how to break his mama’s heart with those words.’- this line….it is so true! There is just something about those boys that do this every night! It must have been going around because I had quite a few visits last night as well….I keep telling myself to enjoy this time, because all too soon they won’t want anything to do with me! I am loving your writing this month!!!


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