SOL 2020 24: social distancing day 11

Not much to report. Everything is how it’s been for the last week or so. This kids are as stir crazy as I am.

Eat. Play. TV. Eat. Read. Play. Eat. Repeat.

Our days are finding a rhythm that includes way too much screen time. It’s a double edged sword. Although it gives me some time to do things like empty the dishwasher and shower, it turns my kids into monsters as soon as I turn it off.

We are working on a balance.

They were upset when I told them we were out of French toast sticks and I wouldn’t be buying anymore for a while. You would have thought I had shot George’s BFF.

He doesn’t even really like French toast sticks.

Fresh fruit is dwindling but we have some back up plans. I’m trying to avoid the store if I can. Maybe later this week for some essentials if I need them but I would rather skip all together.

My coffee and tea supplies are still in good shape. No need for wine since BabyBoss3 forbids it. The kids really only drink water so we are covered there.

Slim chance of Lake Michigan being contaminate with C19.

So I guess we will just keep trucking along. Business as usual. Since it’s spring break I try to only work during nap time but return emails as they come in. That seems to be most efficient for me. I have to venture out to the baby doctor tomorrow. Although I’ll be happy for the fresh air and sunshine, I actually would rather not go. Leaving the house seems taboo and I would prefer not to come in contact with anyone if I can help it.

Maybe I can grab a fancy coffee through a drive through along the way or just open the window while I drive. It’s supposed to be pretty mild tomorrow. That will surely lift my spirits.

I am writing for the 2020 Slice of Life Challenge.



  1. These days are long and hard! I don’t have little kids, but find myself, as an adult, spending too much time on social media, just for something to do, and for human contact. I can’t wait until we get past this!


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