SOL 2020 23: social distancing day 10

George is screaming from his bed. It’s for no particular reason other than that he wants to be anywhere but his crib. The cry is that fake kind of cry that is more annoying than distressed. McKenna just watched two shows with me before I tucked her in. For 20 minutes. She snuck out of her room 30 seconds later to say goodnight to Daddy who was working in the basement.

This day will not end.

It’s the first day of Spring Break meaning technically, I am not required to log into my computer to check emails, create trainings, and do whatever else is expected of me on these distance learning days. Yet I cannot ignore the chime that signals a new message has been delivered. I convince myself it is because it is easier to deal with each email as is arrives rather than in bulk when I log in on 3/30. But really, it is because I am hopelessly type A.

I had hoped that the first day of spring break would bring sunshine enough to take a walk or fly the kite McKenna has been after us to put together. Yet we awaken to a fresh blanket of snow. And although it’s not unusual for it to snow in the Chicago area in late March, I’m not sure how much more I can take. I’m starting to feel broken in a way that can feel hopeless to some. I know that when I feel this way, I need to make a list. I need to check things off to gain some sense of accomplishment.

Today was not that day.

McKenna and I had a 2 hour bathroom battle. I lost. Then George didn’t want to eat lunch. I also lost. Nap time was a bust for all and I burnt some of tonight’s dinner. I cried when I couldn’t get myself up from the floor.

Pregnant problems.

And clearly have been fighting bedtime with my children. I got NOTHING accomplished today.

And yet we are together and healthy. We have a do-over tomorrow and probably many more tomorrows after that. I am writing tonight when I contemplated just skipping. So I guess that all-in-all, I can say at least I accomplished that.

I am writing for the 2020 Slice of Life Challenge.


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  1. Oh those days! I remember those days with the little littles. My kids are older now and I still have days that remind me of those old days. I’m glad you wrote, I’m glad you made a record of today – because you are right – tomorrow is a new day! (And these days are ones to remember too!)

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