SOL 2020 18: social distancing day 5

It was a dreary day today. That made everyone a bit lazy and a bit cranky. Myself included. It took everything I had to get out of bed before the kids to have a little tea and check emails.

Nothing pressing. That’s good.

The kids slowly awoke and started their day with yogurt, apples, and French toast sticks. I had planned a walk for some fresh air but the weather did not cooperate.

Rain. Like all day rain.

This made it worse. By 10:00, McKenna was asking for TV and George was crabbing for his beloved Boss Baby. I forgot about this time about 2.5 years ago when McKenna would only watch Trolls. I can recite both of these movies by heart now. As if I were acting in a stage performance of them. No script necessary.

At least I got some work done during movie time.

By 11:30 we were all on each others’ nerves. I tried to do a few puzzles while I took a quick break from the computer. But my monsters children wouldn’t play together nicely. They fought over every puzzle piece and pushed each other out of the way. I had a headache but hesitated to take a couple of precious Tylenol. What if we really got sick and needed it?

Too soon for more screen time? Someone get the remote.

Then a miracle happened. As I was switching laundry, my phone rang. Looking in disbelief, I answered.

I was in the neighborhood for an appointment that got cancelled. Can I come over and help out with the kids?

It was the first time EVER that my brother-in-law has called me. And he wants to watch my kids while I work.

Uh. Yea.

I rush to put on a bra make myself presentable. He arrives just as the kids are sitting down to lunch and my phone rings with a call from the big boss. Without saying a word, he takes lunch into the basement and the kids follow like he’s the Pied Piper or something.

Does the man carry chocolate in his pockets or something? Why are they following him to readily?

It was the first phone call I’ve had with my boss without a child in the background screaming about poop.

I ask him if he’s had lunch and he has. My hero plays with George until nap time and keeps McKenna busy for the full 2+ hours. I’m more productive during this time than I have been all week. I return phone calls and emails. I prepare step-by-step tutorials for parents and staff. I finish up a project from earlier this week and work out the bugs for a couple more.

And then when my husband comes home the nanny my brother-in-law left. Just like that. Like he had never been there. He said he may stop by tomorrow having reduced hours at work himself. It was a true miracle and I can never say thank you enough.

I am writing for the 2020 Slice of Life Challenge.



  1. Mary Poppins came to mind as I read this post. An angel in disguise tricking children into being good so that parents can get what they need. I’m glad that you got to have that today! The line about your first sans-poop phone call made me laugh out loud.


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