SOL 20: tribe

Every mom needs a tribe. I have several I turn to for different reasons. My BFF is practically my sister. My sisters have been stand-ins for my mom as I learn how to navigate parenting. The PTA is always ready to grab sushi while we gab about our children, jobs, and the next kids’ event we are planning. My fake friends know my deepest, darkest secrets. My classmates keep me sane through the most insane of semesters. My Mac pals are always up for a girls’ night out even if we can manage it a few nights a year.

The tribe that has gotten me through the last year and a half, though, is a bit unconventional. My husband, father-in-law and colleague turned friend turned babysitter have been my biggest support system. There is NO way that I could have made it through this unbelievably intense grad school program without them. They are earning this diploma as much as I am.

My father-in-law started watching my kiddos one day a week last spring. He added an extra day this year that happened to coincide with the day a class met in the city. He claims to love it but I’m certain that he’s exhausted by the time he crawls home from these long days. We can call him anytime day or night and he will show up. Every. Single. Time. I know he says it is to help us. But I have no doubt it is because he is madly in love with his grandchildren.

My kiddos go to daycare near my work. My work is no where near my home…or where classes meet one, two, sometimes three days a week. See the problem? This is where the colleague turned friend turned babysitter comes in. She brings my kids home at least two days a week. She stays late to pick McK up from dance class and never complains when professors constantly change schedules. She’s even willing to take the kids to school if I’m sick. She makes pizza and takes them for walks. She sends me pictures and videos so I don’t feel like I am always missing out. God bless her.

And my husband is the king is putting kids to bed. He does nearly all the laundry and empties the dishwasher daily. He waits up for me and never complains when I collapse into bed moments after arriving home. Neither one of us is perfect. We have our share of disagreements. But we have found a comfortable rhythm that works for us.

May 10th will be here before you know it…51 days to be exact. I can graduate or a red fox can have a baby pup. That’s how we’ve been counting down the days. We started with a baby elephant so we are getting closer. I cannot wait but I’m hoping that my tribes all still stick around well after all the pomp and circumstance.

I am writing for the 2019 March Slice of Life Challenge



  1. Moms need all kinds of tribes. Glad you have yours and that you shared how they are helping you. I love the gestational countdown. I am going to use it for my sister’s wedding for my boys! Cheers to your graduation!


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  3. This is so sweet. Dude, you’ve got it made and so do they. Your kiddos are work, but they are also a dream. And post like these are a gift to the people in your life that you’re giving back to. You’ve done a fab job acknowledging each of them in your writing here.


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