SOL 10: Sunday Dinner Date

I have a date today. He’s a tall, handsome, older gentleman with envious silver hair. He would be described by those of his generation as a silver fox. He’s retired and treats me well. He buys me dinner every Sunday at his favorite restaurant.

It’s the kind of place where the waitresses never change. And neither does the vast menu. We walk in and are shown to our regular table with our regular server. Drinks are brought without even ordering. That’s how well we are known there. He orders without ever looking at the menu. I’m told of the special and order that.

Did I fail to mention that my husband is there, as well? And so are my two children? This is our weekly date with Great Grandpa. He turned 90 just before Christmas.

Yes. That’s nine-zero.

He enjoys getting out with his grandchildren and great grandchildren. He’s been welcoming to me since I started coming around nearly 9 years ago now. I think of him as my own grandpa having lost mine over twenty years ago and never met the other. There’s never a lull in conversation. He talks current events, TV shows and about work as if he’s still on the job even though he retired well over 20 years ago. He asks the kids when we will be going to the zoo. He’s our sponsor–purchasing a family membership for us to wander the vast grounds whenever we want. He loves to go with us. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up. For us, that is. The man is a machine. He walks nearly 3 miles a day when the weather cooperates. He walks to the library and post office. He walks to the Jewel and recently discovered Aldi. We regularly chat about the price of blueberries or the state is county politics. There are no shortages of topics.

As we pack up to leave, Great Grandpa goes in for his regular hug before heading to the car. He tells me he’s proud of me for balancing grad school, a job and kids. He says that it’s just terrific. That’s pure Great Grandpa right there.

As we part ways, I tell him I’ll check in mid-week to see if he needs anything and we will pick him up next weekend for dinner. He shouts out, Love you.

Until next week, Great Grandpa. See you soon.

I am writing for the 2019 March Slice of Life Challenge



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